Grade 4 to Grade 10


    8 Hours Per Month


    2 Sessions per week

Our online Arabic tutors are very talented and well experienced in their respected field. They know very well how to engage a student during the learning sessions. They know the strength and capacity of grasping knowledge of their students. By joining My School Arabic the students of grade 4-10 students will get the benefit of learning Arabic from experienced Online Arabic tutor in UAE.

We provide the advantage of choosing the online Arabic tutor by themselves.

Our tutors provide various assessments from time to time to the students. To evaluate the academic ability of your child, we ensure that the most recent and appropriate assessments are used. Our tutors are multi linguistic which will be helpful for students to be confident with their teachers and help them learn Arabic in depth.

We work for the satisfaction of our students. If they are not comfortable and happy with our trial sessions, we assure you to provide them with the FREE REPLACEMENT of the teacher. We will also comply with the REFUND POLICY. My School Arabic is one of the top Arabic Classes in Abu Dhabi for students.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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