1. What is MySchoolArabic?

MySchoolArabic is an innovative online virtual classroom led by an experience tutor around the world providing interactive one-to-one and group classes for Arabic subject for non-Arab students in the GCC countries. As a student you'll find outstanding experienced native and Multi Nationlaity tutors. (top of page)

2. What will be offered on MySchoolArabic?

Our primary offering is Arabic tuition class for expat school students studying in various private schools in the UAE. Our virtual classroom is equipped with digital content that conforms to the curriculum set by Ministry of Education, UAE for Arabic for non-Arab students. (top of page)

About Learning on MySchoolArabic

1. How do I do a tutoring session on MySchoolArabic?

Getting started learning on MySchoolArabic is easy. You start by selecting your preferred time schedule and then selecting one of our experienced tutors available for your preferred time slot. Once you've selected a session schedule, you pay your fees by any of the easy payment options . Upon payment confirmation, you are ready for your live tutoring on MySchoolArabic (here's what the session looks like ) at your own pace and your own schedule. (top of page)

2. How do I know if a tutor is any good?

At MySchoolArabic, we strive to bring you only the best and experienced and qualified teachers from all around the world to cater to your lessons. You can view the tutor's credentials and background, read testimonials from other students, and read feedback from other sessions. In addition, each tutor has a star rating on the site that allows you to tell at a glance whether the tutor is right for you. (top of page) (top of page)

3. Do I need any special software to attend virtual classes on MySchoolArabic?

Nope. You just need an Internet connection (broadband recommended) and a web browser and a headphone. (top of page)

4. What does a MySchoolArabic session look like?

Take a quick look of what our virtual class looks like here . (top of page)

5. Do I need a webcam or any other hardware to do a tutoring session?

Yes, you need a webcam to be able to converse with and see your teacher. Two-way video sessions make your class livelier. In addition, you will require a good-quality headset, which will help you and your teacher to hear each other better. If your system or laptop has a built-in microphone then we recommend using headphones or earbuds for your audio as this will prevent your tutor's voice coming out of your microphone and creating an echo for the other persons in the virtual class. (top of page)

6. What is the fee structure?

MySchoolArabic has set a very affordable fee structure for a typical 8-session schedule spread over 4 weeks. You will pay the fee, when you select your schedule and tutor. (top of page)

7. How do I schedule a session with a teacher?

When you click the "Select Schedule" button you'll be taken to a page that will allow you to select preferred time slot for your tutoring session depending your class and then selecting one of the available tutors for that schedule. (top of page)

8. What if I need to cancel or reschedule a lesson?

There is no cancellation procedure online. We encourage you to select your schedule and tutor diligently, as you are committing to a four week schedule. In a rare scenario, if you need to reschedule your classes, please feel free to contact us . (top of page)

9. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments with Visa or MasterCard credit cards, through our on line payment system that guarantees safety of your online transaction. With our payment system no one will know your credit card number or other private details because our payment system is secure. You can also pay for your scheduled session our Safe online payment Gateway, MySchoolArabic (top of page)

10. How does the Pay-at-home service work?

If you select Pay-at-home option to pay for your schedule, our collection agency executive will call you on your registered number to fix a convenient time and collect the payment from your home. (top of page)

11. What if I am late for a session?

Lessons must always start on time. If you are late you will lose the time that you missed because the teacher often has a student secluded immediately after your session. (top of page)

12. Can I choose my teacher?

While selecting a schedule, you will have the option to select one of the available tutors, who is having a vacancy in his or her batch. We usually have time slots/batches allotted for each teacher who will be most suitable to help you reach your objectives and according to your availability to take the lesson. If you wish a particular teacher for any reason, you may contact us , and we will see if he or she available according to your schedule. (top of page)

13. Does MySchoolArabic offer support teaching Arabic using any language other than Arabic?

Currently MySchoolArabic teachers can provide lesson support to English , Hindi , Urdu, Malayalam, Tamil, Singala, Filipino and more language will be added soon.(top of page)

14. Do you offer some certificate or evaluation after a certain number of lessons?

MySchoolArabic does not provide any certificate, as ours is totally an after-school support program. Our programs are aimed at helping you with your school Arabic only. (top of page)

15. What about privacy and security?

We take your privacy and security extremely seriously. We encourage you to view our Privacy Policy here. If you have any questions regarding privacy or security please contact us at info@MySchoolArabic.com. (top of page)

Want to study with your friends

1. Can me and my friends take classes in a separate batch at our own time?

Yes, MySchoolArabic offers “Join As a Group” option, if you and your friends want to take a schedule at your own pace and time slot. Click here to start your own group. (top of page)

About Setting Up to Use MySchoolArabic

1. What equipment do I need to use MySchoolArabic?

Yes, MySchoolArabic offers “Join As a Group” option, if you and your friends want to take a schedule at your own pace and time slot. Click here to start your own group. (top of page)

2. Do I have to download something to learn on MySchoolArabic?

No, MySchoolArabic is a browser-based service so you won't need to download any special software. If you don't have latest Flash plug in for your browser installed then you'll want to install Flash . (top of page)

3. What do I do if I or the other user hears an echo of our voice during the tutoring session?

This most commonly occurs when either the tutor or students are not using a headset. What happens is that the person's voice comes out of your speakers and in turn gets played-in by your microphone thus creating the feedback. If you are using your computer's built-in microphone we strongly suggest using headphones or stereo earbuds for audio. deally, we recommend, both the tutor and the students should use a headset with a built-in microphone. (top of page)

About Your MySchoolArabic Account

1. I forgot my password, what should I do?

You can get a new password here

(top of page)

2. How can I contact MySchoolArabic about another problem?

You can contact us 24x7 at the contact us page! We will strive to resolve any of live-tutoring issues at the earliest. (top of page)

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